1. Technology
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Basics / 101 What You Need to Know

What is podcasting and why is it the web's hottest trend? In this section, we'll talk about the narrowcast revolution that allows anyone with a microphone to access a worldwide audience. From recording equipment to software and RSS feeds, find out what you need in order to start your own transmission.

Planning Your Podcast
How to choose a show format, and basic questions to ask about your audience and using music.

How to Listen to Podcasts
A simple beginner's guide to listening to Podcasts.

What is Podcasting?
What is Podcasting, what draws people to listen, and why are so many people beginning to make their own podcasts?

Microphone Types - Dynamic and Condenser
Learn about the different types of microphones and their characteristics.

Intro to Podcasts
Sam Costello, About.com Guide for iPods, gives a brief explanation of podcasts and how to subscribe to them.

How to Create Your Own Podcast
Corey Deitz, About.com Guide to Radio, gives a simple overview of the whole podcasting process. If you want the big picture fast, look here.

Downloading and Subscribing to Podcasts
Sam Costello, About.com Guide for iPods gives instructions for listening to podcasts in iTunes.

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